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Leading R&D solutions to accelerate your catalyst development


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Leading R&D solutions to accelerate your catalyst development

R&D Services

Customized catalyst testing and R&D paired with broad scientific and technical expertise. More than 700 reactors ready for you! Read more

R&D Systems

Flowrence platform – parallel reactor catalyst testing units. Unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use! Read more

Refinery Catalyst Testing

Confidently select the best commercial catalyst for your application. Performance truly independently verified! Read more

Who we are

Avantium Catalysis is the leading provider of advanced catalyst testing technology and services to accelerate catalyst R&D. It is a business unit of Avantium, the Amsterdam based, Euronext listed, leading renewable chemical technology company. We have over 50 highly skilled and experienced professionals, representing over 20 nationalities, dedicated to providing you with fast and accurate R&D results, no matter how complex your chemistry or R&D challenge may be.

What we do

Avantium Catalysis helps you accelerate your catalyst R&D. We do this by supplying our advanced Flowrence high-throughput catalyst testing systems, or by executing in-house customized contract catalyst research projects. We work in a collaborative, creative and tailored manner for our customers in the fields of refining & energy, chemicals and renewables – whatever your objectives may be, we will find a way to help you.

Latest News

Avantium partners with Daiichi Jitsugyo (DJK) to better serve our Catalysis customers in Japan

AMSTERDAM, 01 March 2022 – Avantium Catalysis and Japan-based industrial machinery specialist DJK entered into an agency agreement to better serve Avantium’s catalysis customers in Japan. Through DJK, Avantium expects to generate leads for both its Flowrence units as...

Avantium delivers unique Respiratory Adsorption Unit to IRCELYON

In the last decade, air quality, both indoor and outdoor, has become a cause of growing concern due the influx of air pollutants resulting from human and industrial activity. A such, it has become increasingly important to research and discover adsorbents which can...

The Catalysis Insider December 2021

Welcome to the December 2021 Catalysis Insider newsletter! Our news items header says it all: still mostly at home. Who would have guessed some two years ago we would still be in a lockdown situation (which in NL has just again become stricter). Nonetheless, I hope...

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