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Leading R&D solutions to accelerate your catalyst development


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Leading R&D solutions to accelerate your catalyst development

R&D Services

Customized catalyst testing and R&D paired with broad scientific and technical expertise. More than 700 reactors ready for you! Read more

R&D Systems

Flowrence platform – parallel reactor catalyst testing units. Unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use! Read more

Refinery Catalyst Testing

Confidently select the best commercial catalyst for your application. Performance truly independently verified! Read more

Who we are

Avantium Catalysis is the leading provider of advanced catalyst testing technology and services to accelerate catalyst R&D. It is a business unit of Avantium, the Amsterdam based, Euronext listed, leading renewable chemical technology company. We have over 50 highly skilled and experienced professionals, representing over 20 nationalities, dedicated to providing you with fast and accurate R&D results, no matter how complex your chemistry or R&D challenge may be.

What we do

Avantium Catalysis helps you accelerate your catalyst R&D. We do this by supplying our advanced Flowrence high-throughput catalyst testing systems, or by executing in-house customized contract catalyst research projects. We work in a collaborative, creative and tailored manner for our customers in the fields of refining & energy, chemicals and renewables – whatever your objectives may be, we will find a way to help you.

Latest News

Avantium awarded tender to deliver Flowrence® XD System to Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany

Avantium’s Flowrence® XD parallel reactor unit is highly flexible, self-contained 4-reactor fixed-bed catalyst testing unit which excels at producing valuable data promptly leveraging high-throughput chemical technology. This technology offers you step-change...

The Catalysis Insider July 2022

  Hi everyone, I hope you are healthy and life is returning to normal for you after the lockdowns. As you can see, this time we are including video as well as written updates. In this issue, we cover our new high-throughput testing platform the Batchington, new...

Avantium awarded tender to deliver one Flowrence® system to SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, China

Avantium is proud to announce that it has been awarded a tender concerning one Flowrence® XR unit for SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (RIPP) China. The new system will be used to study novel methods of storing hydrogen in liquid carriers and...

Upcoming Events

  1. World of Technology & Science 2022

    September 27 - September 30
  2. ORCS 2022- Organic Reactions Catalysis Society

    October 16 - October 20
  3. ERTC

    November 7 - November 10

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